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October 30, 2020

Raze: So Much More Than Commotions

My name is Elizabeth and I am a Raze Ambassador for the 2020-2021 year. I am a senior at Valley High School. When I first joined Raze, I did not really know much about what the organization was or what I would be doing as a Raze member. I knew that I needed a club to join and I liked the teacher who was the club advisor. My first two years in Raze, all I did was commotions during club time and some things during Red Ribbon Week. This is all that I thought Raze did.

My junior year, which was last year, I went to my first event through Raze: The Raze Youth Summit. A few other members went with us, and we all had so much fun that we begged our advisor to take us to Tobacco Free Day too. During these events, we learned about the harmful affects of tobacco in so many fun ways. We also learned things like how to help others quit and how to talk to our communities about Raze. All of these things make up the reason that I decided to become a Raze Ambassador. I love being able to share ways to stop smoking or using tobacco with others, and I love the energy that the Raze community has.

Raze: So Much More Than Commotions

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