Our lives. Our future. Our mission.

Raze is here to create positive change.

Our members are a lot like you – West Virginia teens who recognize tobacco as a serious threat to our health and want to do something about it. We’re tired of being targeted and manipulated by tobacco industry marketing. We’re sick of watching our friends and family members suffer the consequences of nicotine addiction. So we’ve decided to take a stand for what we believe in: putting a stop to the toxic lies and working toward a healthier future for everyone.

Raze Tobacco Free Day Teenagers

This is who we are.

Raze is a youth-led movement. Our members are between the ages of 11 and 18. We care about the impact of tobacco use on public health – so we stay informed about the real dangers of smoking and vaping, and find creative ways to share that knowledge with the world.

Liquid Lies

This is what we do.

Through Raze events, social media campaigns and Commotions, we use our collective voice to tear down the lies spread by Big Tobacco. Our message is positive, and the truth is on our side. Together, we have the power to change the whole culture of tobacco use.

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